Our COVID-19 safety measures

Health and safety measures have always been of great importance to us. Due to this pandemic, caused by COVID-19, we have implemented sanitary measures to protect and care for the health of our passengers and pilots. Our Charter Flights and Air Tours are completely private, therefore, are not shared with absolutely anyone else.

Every morning, before and after every flight our airplanes are cleaned and disinfected with a hospital-grade chemical to ensure a safe and hygienic trip.

When passengers arrive at the private terminal at the Cancun International Airport, our team takes the temperature with a non-contact thermometer to our passengers and they are asked to fill out a health questionnaire, which they will have to complete before boarding the unit. 

Later, when our passengers are about to enter the plane, they are provided with sterile surgical gloves, antibacterial gel and complimentary mouth guards. During the flights our aircrafts have continuous air intake systems, so air is never recirculated inside the cabin, ensuring fresh and sterile air. After the flight, as described before, our units are cleaned and disinfected with a hospital-grade chemical to ensure that the following passengers can enjoy their trip in a safe and hygienic space .  

At Vuelatour your health flies with us. 

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