Our Cessna 206 aircraft

This unit features a powerful engine, rugged construction, and a large cabin, allowing for a comfortable and pleasant ride and all with a window seat.

It’s an aircraft that is worldwide commonly used for short-range executive flight as well as scenic flights in the most exotic and beautiful places.

Due to its high flexibility regarding spaces for landing and departure, the airplane doesn’t require an extensive runway and therefore suits perfectly for exploring and sightseeing trips to locations that don’t have a big airport.

Cessna 206
Fleet Vuelatour Cancun

Luggage Information

This aircraft can accommodate up to 5 people and their luggage; the total weight allowance will depend on the number of passengers:

Number of Passengers Maximum weight of the luggage
1 Passenger 350kg of Luggage
2 Passengers 270kg of Luggage
3 Passengers 190kg of Luggage
4 Passengers 100kg of Luggage
5 Passengers Only carry-on backpacks

Flight Time to our most popular destinies

The below mentioned Flight Times can slightly vary due to weather and wind conditions.

Origen and Destiny Time of the flight
Cancun-Cozumel 25 Minutes
Cancun-Playa del Carmen 25 Minutes
Cancun-Holbox 30 Minutes
Cancun-Chichen Itza 50 Minutes
Cancun-Bacalar (Chetumal) 90 Minutes
Cancun-Merida 90 Minutes
Cancun-Campeche 120 Minutes
Cancun-Mahahual 80 Minutes