Air tour over las Coloradas

Have you already made the most of the sea and the turquoise lagoons? Then now it’s your turn to renew your ties with nature in one of the most impressive places in the Yucatan Peninsula, the Río Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. This lagoon surprises everyone who sees it because it has something very special: it is pink. You read right, it’s pink! And if that’s not enough to make you fall in love with this air trip over the Coloradas, Río Lagartos is home to majestic pink flamingos; they are everywhere you look, fixing their shiny plumage. Did you know that the pink color of their plumage is due to the fact that they feed on small crustaceans called artemias? Impressive, don’t you think?

Las Coloradas is a low depth and high salinity lagoon; it is recommended to swim in it because you dehydrate very fast. Thanks to the amount of sodium chloride contained in the pink waters of the Coloradas, it is the only salt producer in Mexico that produces “Flor de Sal”. With us, you will be able to appreciate the pink lagoons and the high mountains of salt piled up there, with a sensational aerial view.

Many visitors want to get to know this wonderful place, however, they decide not to because of the distance and the travel time. You can forget about these worries, we will take care of everything, your only responsibility will be to relax and let our pilots guide you.

The Río Lagartos National Park is considered a true jewel for nature and tranquility lovers, since it is not only home to almost 20,000 pink flamingos, but also to sea turtles and more than 250 different species of birds. Without a doubt, it is a place that has to be on our list to visit, or rather, to fly over.
panoramic flight over las coloradas

Panoramic flight over las Coloradas

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A/C during the whole flight

Space for suitcases and backpacks

Ice cold bottle water

Incredible photo opportunities

Gel antibacterial/ masks

We promise you an unforgettable experience

Your completely private plane will be waiting for you at the Cancun International Airport to start this exciting air tour over the Coloradas. Don’t worry about the schedule, you tell us the day and time, and we will be ready to adventure with you. Río Lagartos is without a doubt one of the best destinations to fly over, to have the opportunity to observe this natural phenomenon from an aerial perspective is unparalleled, we promise.

For up to 5 passengers
$1,450 USDCessna 206
For up to 9 passengers
$2,890 USDKodiak 100

*We are sorry that we can’t display the final price for your air tour over las Coloradas, but taxes and possible extra charges depend on airport regulations, which are changed frequently. Feel free to reach out to us over our Contact Form and we are happy to send you a nonbinding offer.

Clearly, so that you can capture the best pictures of this amazing landscape, each of our passengers will have a place at the window during their entire air tour over Las Coloradas.

Have you fallen in love with Las Coloradas yet? We certainly are and above all, we are excited to show you why.

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