Our Kodiak 100 aircraft

The Kodiak 100 is a smart aircraft built for the 21st century, prepared for all-weather conditions. It lends itself perfectly to appreciate the breathtaking scenery, as all our passengers have a window seat and air conditioning throughout their flight.

It’s an airplane made for explorers, adapting itself to the special needs of its users like extra package space (We have that for our passengers), but there are also more adventurous extensions, like floats instead of wheels that allow the plane to land on water (Don’t worry we don’t have those).

Not only is the Kodiak 100 our biggest airplane that offers the most space for passengers and luggage, but it is also our fastest airplane and has the broadest flight range, allowing international and overseas executive flights.

Kodiak 100

Flight Time to our most popular destinies

The below mentioned Flight Times can slightly vary due to weather and wind conditions.

Origen and Destiny Time of the flight
Cancun-Cozumel 20 Minutes
Cancun-Playa del Carmen 20 Minutes
Cancun-Holbox 20 Minutes
Cancun-Chichen Itza 45 Minutes
Cancun-Bacalar (Chetumal) 75 Minutes
Cancun-Merida 75 Minutes
Cancun-Campeche 105 Minutes
Cancun-Mahahual 60 Minutes
Kodiak 100 Vuelatour

Luggage Information

The Kodiak is structured in such a way that it can carry up to 9 passengers and their luggage; the total luggage allowance depends on the number of passengers:

Number of Passengers Maximum weight of the luggage
1 Passenger 800kg of Luggage
2 Passengers 720kg of Luggage
3 Passengers 640kg of Luggage
4 Passengers 560kg of Luggage
5 Passengers 480kg of Luggage
6 Passengers 400kg of Luggage
7 Passengers 320kg of Luggage
8 Passengers 240kg of Luggage
9 Passengers 160kg of Luggage