Tips to travel safely in times of COVID-19

Check travel restrictions

State or local governments may have implemented travel restrictions, so it’s important to find out the current situation at your destination. You should check for updated information and official communications, as well as be prepared to be flexible during your stay at your destination, as rules may change during your trip. 

Find out about hotels and accommodations

Find out about the health protocols and restrictions that hotels or other accommodations have implemented. They do everything possible to facilitate the registration process in the best possible way to avoid contact and ensure high standards of hygiene, such as distance rules at the reception. Similarly, room cleaning is being expanded and disinfection standards are being tightened.

In addition, other facilities such as the hotel’s swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna etc. may not always be open or only open to a limited extent to ensure protective measures.

Check out the available activities

We recommend that you investigate available activities, which are normally open at your destination, as the pandemic may mean that they are not yet open or have closed completely. To enjoy your stay to the fullest, check out the different activities online, there are excellent alternatives that you might love.

Take care while traveling

It is important that, during your trip, you take steps to protect yourself and others. You can do this through these recommendations:

– Wear a mask to keep your nose and mouth covered.

– Try to maintain a healthy distance (at least 6 feet).

– Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often.

– Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.

– Avoid direct contact with people who are sick. 

Vacation in Quintana Roo

Why should you vacation in Quintana Roo? To avoid contagion, it is advisable to choose destinations that have outdoor activities and Quintana Roo is the most recommended destination. It has adventure and cultural experience destinations. You can visit the archeological zones in Tulum, the beaches in Cancun or the lagoon of the 7 colors of Bacalar. In short, if your thing is to explore, in the safest way for you and your family, what Mexico has to offer, Quintana Roo is waiting for you. 

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