The best restaurants in Cozumel 2022

Something that you can’t miss on your visit to Cozumel, are the best restaurants on the island and for that, we have a guide with the top of the different culinary categories that this beautiful paradise has to offer.

Mexican Restaurants

Casa Mission

It is an elegant place that alludes to the old haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula, characterized by its beautiful gardens and large size, in addition to a pleasant atmosphere has specific flavors and textures of Mexican culinary culture, an option you cannot miss.

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El Moro

It stands out above all for its excellent customer service and is perfect for enjoying typical Mexican dishes in a family atmosphere, with good-sized portions, and at an excellent price.

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International Restaurants


If an international experience on the island of Cozumel is what you are looking for, Guido’s is what your palate needs. Characterized by its beautiful patio covered with trees and bougainvillea’s, it offers a perfect environment to enjoy the Swiss-Italian gastronomy and taste the delicious pizzas or lasagnas prepared in a wood-fired oven. Homemade ice cream and exquisite drinks, such as international wines and the famous Guido`s style sangria, this is the perfect ambiance for an evening full of love and romance.

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La Perlita

Now, if you prefer to experience something more exotic and exciting, La Perlita is a cozy local restaurant that offers a variety of Caribbean dishes and seafood, but its specialty is the Lionfish dishes, an Asian specimen with poisonous spines, but in La Perlita they are experts to prepare them in the safest and most exquisite way so you can taste them.

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Restaurants on the beach

Wet Wendy’s

To enjoy a fun lunch or dinner, with live music and a great variety in terms of mixology, but who take their food very seriously, Wet Wendy’s is the right choice because they guarantee that from the first bite you will fall in love with their delicious marine dishes and they are committed to listening to you to offer drinks that only you could imagine, all this while you enjoy an excellent atmosphere on the beach.

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Coconuts bar & grill

It is a beautiful place on the beach of Cozumel, where you will have the opportunity to eat in a tropical and very relaxed atmosphere, with your feet in the sand and an exquisite dish. Coconuts Bar & Grill offers you the most delicious seafood and classic Caribbean drinks at an excellent price.

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The best lobster in Cozumel

Lobster Shack

A small and very cozy restaurant that assures you the best lobster you can find on the island in all possible presentations, burritos, rolls, bowls. It has beautiful decorations and tables outside to enjoy a magnificent view of the sea.

Call now: +52 987 869 0812
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Now it will be impossible to have a bad time in Cozumel, you will be able to visit the best and most delicious restaurants of the island and make your visit an unforgettable experience.

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