What to do in Playa del Carmen in 2022

If you are planning to visit Playa del Carmen, we recommend you to have in mind the activities you want to do and the places you want to visit, because being one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico it has a great variety of options to offer and if you don’t have something in mind, you may not be able to decide what to do and what not, so here we have a list that will surely help you to clarify your ideas and decide the best options according to your tastes and preferences.


That’s right, Xcaret, without asking twice, an experience that you must live to be able to say that you visited the Mayan Riviera, a park full of natural attractions and immersed in Mexican culture, you won’t find anything like it in all of Mexico. In addition to its incredible attractions such as swimming with dolphins, subway rivers, snorkeling, themed tours, wildlife habitats, and cultural representative structures of the region, it has an incredible night show called “Mexico Espectacular” which was recognized as “the best theatrical production worldwide in amusement parks in 2021” competing with productions of Universal Studios Singapore and Disneyland Shanghai. So don’t think twice and go for this wonderful experience, something you will remember for a lifetime and want to relive again and again.

3D Museum of Wonder

The first and only three-dimensional museum in the entire American continent, as well as the largest in the world, carried out by a single artist, Kurt Wenner. The 3D Museum of Wonder is a magical experience for all audiences, no matter if you are a child or an adult, your brain will not be able to process so much wonder for a single place and time. The museum’s fascinating interactive and three-dimensional works of art will allow you to live in an alternate universe and immerse yourself in the magic of art. Take advantage of your visit to Playa del Carmen and take wonderful and funny pictures that will leave you speechless.

Chaak Tun Cenote

The Chaak Tun cenote is one of the most representative of the area, because it has different activities that will fill your spirit and soul with a feeling of fullness, you will feel connected with the roots of our world and enjoy a unique experience in its class. This cenote is formed by 2 subway caverns, the smaller one is illuminated by artificial light and allows you to appreciate the millenary stalactites formed like arrows in an impressive harmony and the larger one has a natural light entrance through which a beautiful tree grows, thus giving a spectacle of natural light right in the middle of the cenote. As if that were not enough, it also offers ancestral traditions, which will take you through the ancient traditions of purification of body, mind, heart and soul followed by a refreshing immersion in the crystal-clear waters of the subway cenotes.

The Beach

You can’t visit Playa del Carmen and not go to the beach! A perfect mix of breathtaking scenery and lots of fun, with beautiful white sand and crystal-clear waters that reflect a wonderful turquoise blue, a slight incline and shallow depth, will give you one of the best beaches, not only in the Mexican Caribbean, but in the whole world. Take advantage of the incredible beaches that this destination has to offer and immerse yourself in the paradise of Playa del Carmen, under the sun, in the sand, the sea and with some cold drinks.

Fifth Avenue

One of the main and most famous attractions of the entire Mayan Riviera, could not be anywhere else but in Playa del Carmen, being this a great pedestrian avenue that covers more than 20 blocks full of the best places you can find, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, the most recognized brand stores, the best fashion stores, souvenir stores and everything a tourist needs in one place. Taking a stroll along Fifth Avenue, with its beautiful streets decorated and illuminated by the life of Playa del Carmen, parallel to the coast and with easy access to the beach is one of the most emblematic activities of this incredible destination.

The founders’ Park

An option that cannot be missed, as it is a classic representative place in Playa del Carmen, is el Parque de los Fundadores, where you can find a beautiful small chapel, a striking monument that illustrates a Mayan portal, paying tribute to the culture of the area and what will leave you amazed, the spectacle of the “Voladores de Papantla”, an ancient Mexican ritual that has endured as a tribute to the culture of the country, which consists of a group of men with colorful costumes that descend hanging from a pole 30 meters high while another at the top performs melodies on flute and drum, no doubt this is a great show worth appreciating.